Blue Thunder Full Movie

Blue Thunder

Original Name: Blue Thunder

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.3


Release Date: 13 May 1983


Download Blue Thunder Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Crime film of 1983 which is directed by John Badham. Interestingly remains way Tony Montana in the memory, the size of a real hit. Most thriller use interchangeable characters and most gangster films are more interested in the effect of personality, but “Scarface” is one of those special films like “The Godfather” is set to be a fallible human being and let evil take humans. Maybe it’s a coincidence that Montana is starring Al Pacino, the same actor who played Michael Corleone.

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Montana is a Cuban punk. The opening scene of the film informs us that when they can get Cuban refugees to the United States in 1981, Fidel Castro had his little private revenge – and the prison cell cleaned, offenders sending your tired and huddled masses. Montana try to cheat through an interrogation by US federal agents, and this is really what you will do for the whole movie: scam. The fair value without a significant nature is unknown, although occasionally cocaine gives the illusion of both.

“Scarface” takes its title from the 1932 Howard Hawks film, inspired by the career of Al Capone. Hawks film was the most violent gangster film of its time, this 1983 film by Brian De Palma also surrounded by controversy for its violence, but the two films of violence comes from the lives of the characters; they are not used to emotions, but by a kind of terrible lessons of self-destruction. Both films are on the rise and fall of a gangster, and both the hero neurotic obsession with his sister, but in 1983 “Scarface” is not a remake, and more to the “Godfather” Hawks.

This is because he sees his criminal as clear as a person to sell a popular product, to work for a company that wants to buy. In the past it was the alcohol. Corleone, was gambling and prostitution. Now cocaine. The message to the dealer is the same: only a fool according to his property. Tony Montana, the choices seem simple at first. It can be hard work, honest and modest salary as a dishwasher. Or can work for organized crime, to be more violent than their competitors and get great cars, beautiful women and care of licking boots nightclub bouncers. He many dishes are not washed.

How Montana its way to the illegal drug trade in South Florida, sees the film almost anthropological detachment. This is not one of those films where the characters are labeled (“main”, “lieutenant”, “hit man”), and behave exactly as expected. DePalma and screenwriter Oliver Stone, has created a gallery of specific individuals, and one of the proposals in the film is that we see the clichés crime films, we see people who are criminals.

Al Pacino makes Montana in a sympathetic character, but it means that someone can identify so surprised, if only to have completely understandable reasons. Would not we all like the rich and powerful, desirable sexual lives in a palace, with the participation of the faithful servant – and just to work? Well, now that you say it. Drug trafficking provides the opportunity for a lifetime, but also keeps selling your soul.

Montana get everything to lose and everything. Hopefully. The originality of this film is the emphasis on small Montana, while he has. Two scenes are really pathetic; one is at a nightclub with her lover blonde and her faithful companion, and finished cocaine that the only emotion that can really feel the impatience and boredom. In addition, desperately trying transfusions energy, the face is surrounded by a pile of cocaine and breathes like a drowning person.

“Scarface” means the criminal personality, with its links between laziness and cruelty, size, and low self-esteem, castles in the air, and a chronic inability to be happy. It is also an exciting picture offense, in the tradition of the film in 1932. And as the movie “The Godfather”, a gallery of wonderful performances Starring: Steven Bauer as a companion, Michelle Pfeiffer as a woman whose need for drugs to go another bad lover, Robert Loggia as a mob boss who isn ‘t quite vicious, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Pacino’s younger sister, who want the right to self-destruction of the shape of your choice. These are the people who serve Tony Montana in his life, and “Scarface” is a beautiful portrait of a real louse. So Download Blue Thunder Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.