Blazing Samurai Full Movie

Blazing Samurai

Original Name: Blazing Samurai

Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 4 August 2017


Download Blazing Samurai Full Movie and it is 2017 Hollywood Animation film directed by Chris Bailey. The next issue is the fact that the story relies on nothing more than pure coincidence to progress the plot, which not only shows a film writer’s incompetence but also displays before the entire audience how little the cast and crew care about you, the audience. For those who aren’t sure what I’m referencing, let me enlighten you. The only reason this story even happened was that the rebels just happened to stumble across Felicity.

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The only reason the grenade fight of Ripoff Tatooine had any relevance is that the characters just happened to be in that city on the day a grenade fight happened. The only reason that they find the guy they’re looking for is because they just so happened to kill one guy randomly in a grenade fight that they just so happened to be present for, and the only real reason the crew finds Felicity’s father is because the asthma-suffering sand man just so happens to contain a message that was intended for Felicity with no real, non-coincidental way of reaching her, and the only reason the story made it this far was a build-off of previously stated coincidences. There’s is no reason that any of these events needed to happen. There is no reason that this film even needed making. The mere fact that this movie is so shakily strung together as a result of the writer’s case of the screw-it’s is beyond personally insulting.