Blade: Trinity Full Movie

Blade: Trinity

Original Name: Blade: Trinity

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Language: English, Esperanto

IMDB Rating: 5.9


Release Date: 8 December 2004


Download Blade: Trinity Full Movie and it is 2004 Hollywood action, adventure and fantasy film directed by David S. Goyer. A group of vampires who seek hidden resting place “Dragon”, also known as Dracula, the genetic “father” of their species.

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Find and wake up in a tomb Syrian ziggurat, but not before, in a moment of bloodlust, killing one of them. Vampires exploits the reputation of the magazine as a serial killer and framed for the death of a family member. During the persecution that followed, the FBI finally locate Lama shelter, and, during the siege, dies Abraham Whistler.

With his mentor was surrounded by human authorities, the Blade is caught and arrested. After the sessions, both medical and interrogation are unnecessary, the police are preparing to deliver the newspaper to a group of doctors, who unknown to them, the vampires. It is saved by Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler, daughter of Abraham, both belonging to a group of vampire hunters called the Nightstalkers.

The King and Abigail reveal the vampire Danica Talos, temporarily transformed into a vampire king, Drake. Since he is the first of its kind, the Dragon invulnerable to sunlight. Talos expected Drake is powerful enough to kill the paper and make the rest of the vampire daywalkers too. The Nightstalkers think vampires are too many to kill individually so Sommerfield, your mortgage specialist chemical, biological weapon called experimental Daystar an airborne virus could kill every vampire in the world at the molecular level.

In their first meeting, the test sheet Drake to him by King and Abigail off Rey in chaos. Although physically superior, showing Drake an affinity with the blade, both of which are exclusive of his career and “honorable warrior” choice. While Drake speaks with Blade, wearing a child hostage as leverage. Drake believe that all men are unworthy of Summons and his followers in contempt.

Blade and Abigail learn than expected “final solution” Vampires: Blood farms where human brain dead are raised for their blood. Magazine victims off life support in an act of euthanasia. The two return to all Nightstalkers but like the king and Sommer young daughter, Zoe, is dead; Drake has used the two survivors of attracting sheets in a fight. Sommer a postum recording reveals that has developed a small amount of virus Daystar, but requires blood Drake and can kill Blade. Meanwhile, the king chained and tortured by Jarko Grimwood and Asher Talos for information on Daystar.

If this does not work, Danica Talos, Rey torture pressing the wound covered with the tip of the shoe heel. It also threatens to turn back into a vampire king and force him to eat Zoe.Blade and Abigail arrive and fight subordinates Talos’ strength and building safety. After dropping the king and Zoe Abigail Asher kills, kills the king Grimwood, and dedicated blade Drake in a sword fight.

In the end, the blade penetrates Dragon with Daystar arrow Abigail, releasing the virus into the air and kill all vampires nearby, Talos. Drake dies, praised the film to fight with honor and tells him through the blade, the vampire race survive. Dying, he offers Lama a “parting gift”; He also warns that “sooner or later, always win thirst.” So Download Blade: Trinity Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.