Beverly Hills Cop II Full Movie

Beverly Hills Cop II

Original Name: Beverly Hills Cop II

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.4


Release Date: 20 May 1987


Download Beverly Hills Cop II Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Comedy film of 1987 which is directed by Tony Scott. Something has gone terribly wrong. They made the bad sequel. The “Beverly Hills Cop” screenplay was written by Sylvester Stallone, but shot with Eddie Murphy as the protagonist. After it has been so successful, was the theory that “Cop II Beverly Bill” a real movie Eddie Murphy, with more comedy and small arms and prosecution. Oh, Part 2 looks even more like the first film Stallone vehicle. I’m not even sure I want to be a comedy. And “packed with the kind of ordinary and violence that Hollywood deportation order website and shrink.

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But it does not follow any special effort to be funny, and actually seems to take a ridiculous plot crimes – if we were sitting. There is another problem, too. A major. Eddie Murphy is not nice in this movie. He comes across as an arrogant bastard loud; little of it goes a long way. Somehow the sight of its attractive original idea, which was that a smart, funny Detroit police road could waltz in Beverly Hills and emptying of the Porsche established and sunglasses lost. It does not work so well this time.

Murphy idea of a comic scene in this movie is screaming incessantly people in an angry voice strong. There’s a scene where you visit the Playboy Mansion and cry out to the receptionist and she will get under the seat in shame. Murphy appears as the problem rather than a solution. What is comedy? This is a pretty simple question, I know, but “Cop II” never thought to ask him. No comedy usually focused on a number of surprises, based on knowledge of human nature? Assume all in Beverly Hills is obsessed with money, power, wealth and social status. Suppose further that a black police officer in the city of

Detroit walks and not a curse for its decadent values and conspicuous consumption, size and care through the trash like a knife through butter. That would be nice. However, it is an idea of the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” failed to make the most out after two attempts. Instead, Murphy and his staff make the fatal mistake of thinking that the way to deal with idiots is a bigger idiot. As a producer Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer probably paid for the screenplay for this film to be have been a new purchase. The plot of “Cop II” is returned to the right of any other crime ,,, image soulless routine modern high-tech In fact, it is not even an empty;.

Is a set of standard sequences, hunting, heroes Evil The Sexy Bitch Goddess, murder and shooting. (The Chase is a cement truck, and definitely proves that concreteras not so good in the indictment.) I’m a fan of Eddie Murphy. I believe that one day, you can have more fun than anyone else in the cinema today. I was one of the admirers of “The Golden Boy”, his latest comedy Christmas, which is connected to a plot ridiculously happy, and he was a lovable character who stubbornly try to endure did a series of exotic dangers. I also like Murphy street smart and capable, as in “48 Hours.” (1982).

What I do not like is the tacit assumption in “Cop II,” as Murphy’s fun, by definition, and that anyone who gets in the way, is a fool. Perhaps Murphy needs to study some of these old episodes of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy in situations that can not handle: She is against the snooty maitre a restaurant smug says What the man cry No, they will always find a way to let the man deflate just stay true.? for his character and to expect to be treated like a human being.

This is what is lacking in “Cop II.” We are not against the way that pulls in Beverly Hills for the treatment of Murphy, because frankly, it’s a bigger idiot. For he is the star, of course, no one else in the plot, a glove on him. But here’s an interesting possibility. Given the character he plays in “Cop II”, the film could have been better if they had invested every situation and has made him the butt of jokes. Detroit cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is apparently softened his differences with his Beverly Hills superior Bogomil (Ronny Cox), but no problem for the future.

Both for men, not to mention two other relics of the first film Cop, official Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and Taggart (John Ashton). The “untouchables” heavy this timeout, the author is preparing a series of violent robberies perpetrated by teaching caps abnormal Dean Stockwell and Brigitte Nielsen. Unaccumstomed this evil Bogomil Foley argues very willing to help find the criminals. But the police chief petty Lutz (Allen Garfield) tolerate any foreign interference species profane carefree Mr. Foley. So Download Beverly Hills Cop II Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.