Beverly Hills Cop Full Movie

Beverly Hills Cop

Original Name: Beverly Hills Cop

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 8.4


Release Date: 5 December 1984


Download Beverly Hills Cop Full Movie and it is 1984 Hollywood action, comedy and crime film directed by Martin Brest. Until a few years ago, kept Beverly Hills Cop record for R-rated movie collection of all time. I just read the statistics, long time and I find it very surprising.

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But, in all honesty, is the Beverly Hills Cop film that deserves only the condition. It is an excellent comedy buddy cop remains as poignant and funny as always. In fact, it’s the kind of movie that gets better with each viewing.

For those living under a rock, the film follows Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy), a sarcastic cop who travels from Detroit to Beverly Hills in search of the gang who killed his old friend. The combination of quirky comedy, Eddie Murphy blunt brand of humor, and some great action scenes, the Beverly Hills Cop perfect mix of action and comedy full of surprises.

It helps that the film is based impeccable, too. Murphy as Axel Foley is dynamite. But the officers after embarrassing Foley, interpreted by idiot rigid intention Judge Reinhold and John Ashton, is comedy gold. And the villain in the film, played by Steven Berkoff, is an incredibly frightening villains of the film more disturbing to a friend poles.

There is very little not to like Beverly Hills Cop. It is the perfect friend police film, a hilarious tale fish out of water and an action movie knockout with chaos and lots of violence. Just be sure to skip the “consequences weakest of the series, which replaces the perfect mix of action and comedy with lots of action and comedy and melodrama or performances sentence too.

Beverly Hills Cop Blu-ray encoded in 1080p / AVC and mixed in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. It has an intense renovation of the DVD was not expecting. This country has a budget transfer action comedy very grainy, which seems a bit “exaggerated just better tone standard definition counterpart. Dust, dirt and other intrusive elements swept away, but the heavy grain drowns the depth and detail of some scenes.

Color bleeding very often. Congratulations to Paramount for not playing with the natural look of the press. After all, most of the errors are the result of the transfer of old movies. But besides cinephiles picky (like me), the majority of consumers barely noticed the upgrade from DVD to BD.

The sound is not much better than DVD, either. This mix of high-resolution audio has extensive experience usually closed to surround with little use or downwards. Dialogue succumb to high-end crackles too. And most of what is here is not particularly envelopes or organic.

Extra Special Edition implemented in the original DVD. Include an informative commentary with director Martin Brest. There are also three shorts retrospective (for a total of about 50 minutes), a map and a trailer. Aside from the paper and the trailer is the dessert is presented in standard definition. Since this version does not have a DVD copy of the film is a bit “noisy too.

Parents need to know that this film has young comedian Eddie Murphy at the height of his fast talking and a superpower mouth. Much of what the comic film is the use of foul language, or at least not many suitable situations. While he was a cop, his character, Axel Foley, using the strategy of “the end justifies the means” to police work, and almost every scene contains many people tend to pursue their goals.

Violence is not common, but in this case, realistic battles and shootings occur ugly blood and / or death. Sex is not a major factor in the film, but there is a scene that takes place in a strip club that runs the female nude.

Brash, oil and fun. Murphy’s third film was a phenomenal success at the box office, has contributed significantly to a soundtrack full of successes. BEVERLY HILLS COP’s a fun, if the film airhead police there very smart detective Detroit Murphy indicates to avenge the murder of a friend. Essentially a star vehicle designed to show the talent of Murphy succeeds admirably. Balance cleverly comedy with action scenes stunningly phases.

Surprisingly, most of laughter gave Reinhold and Ashton. Vice honor extends Bronson Pinchot in a short but
Decision career turn.Constructed solely to allow free rein Murphy, the film takes its strongest card: Murphy Police, black, dirty, fast, in a case of Marlboro stolen in Detroit.

When the unofficial start investigating the death of a friend, leading the way to Beverly Hills. The only black stripe as white audience does not feel guilty expert eye launch for him in the movie, but the connection material is only a pittance. CPEA. So Download Beverly Hills Cop Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.