Basic Full Movie


Original Name: Basic

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Country: ,

Release Date: 28 March 2003


Download Basic Full Movie and it is 2003 Hollywood action, crime and drama film directed by John McTiernan. In Panama, a group of Army Ranger trainees and their instructor, Sergeant Nathan West (Samuel L. Jackson), do an exercise navigate through the jungle in Hurricane ammunition to attack targets before the meeting in a bunker.

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Lately it seems a rescue helicopter apprentice Ray Dunbar from the jungle carries wounded Lieutenant Levi Kendall. The two men exercised by a third soldier, Mueller, who shoot at them. Dunbar Mueller kill in self-defense. While other organisms are identified, the rest of the team West believed to be dead.

Dunbar refuses Captain Julia Osborne (Connie Nielsen) to speak. Instead, insist on speaking with a member of the Rangers from the outside of the foot and pull a “8” in a circle on a piece of paper. Postpone seeing “8”, Commander Col. Bill Styles (Tim Daly) calls a questionnaire and experienced friend, DEA agent Tom Hardy (John Travolta), a former Ranger.

Even now under investigation for alleged corruption, styles assigned Osborne. The couple has just six hours prior to transport CID Washington will take Dunbar and Kendall away.Hardy beginning to reveal Dunbar during the first hearing, which served as a Ranger in the West. He also mentions that he knows the West is known for his ruthless, tough-as-nails Sergeant.

Nuñez and Castro was named Pike. Pike had earned the wrath of the West, because the West think you do not follow orders. Hardy and Osborne suggests that sufficient reasons to hate the West, Pike had reason to kill him. Dunbar refuses to say more. Before Hardy and Osborne wants Hardy asks cigarettes because he has “forgotten” in his car.

However, the team decided to turn Pike. At night, Pike tried to gain sympathy from Kendall, playing in their mutual hatred of the West. Pike suggested Mueller and Nunez dead and convince Dunbar and Castro to back them up. Kendall Pike dismissed the suggestion, but then found Pike blast in Dunbar. Kendall says Dunbar returned to his bag, pulled out a gun and pointed it at his sleep Mueller.

A shooting occurred, and Mueller shot Castro, who shot and hit Nunez, Kendall and Pike. Nunez and Pike killed and wounded Kendall. Dunbar then conducted Kendall, heat exchange with Mueller assembly, for example, at the beginning of the film. When asked why he would save Dunbar, Dunbar Kendall might suggest waiting to cover up for him in gratitude.

Dunbar says Mueller and Castro kits sold drugs called “cocktails struggle” to help dull the pain and sharpen the mind; Mueller pushed westward, he realized his drug trafficking, and said Mueller grenades are then Pike, stolen from his backpack before. In the bunker, Mueller tried to blame Pike, but Pike said the two surveys suspicion Mueller.

A heated discussion followed and executed Mueller Pike. A gunfight broke out and die Castro and Nunez. Dunbar rescued Kendall and Mueller during hunting first collection helicopter killed. Dunbar is a test of how drug trafficking, and said Vilmer provide drugs for Mueller and Kendall.

Osborne and Hardy back to the hospital and talk to Dr. Vilmer, which allows distributing drugs to Mueller and Kendall and counterfeit drug test, so the soldiers came to clean. Vilmer is placed under house arrest. After discussing the matter with them, Hardy and Osborne Styles orders not to talk to the new Kendall.

But Hardy and Osborne front Kendall, acting up and refuse to provide information, according to three murders on Dunbar. But Kendall, also argue that Dunbar was the culprit, demanded to Dunbar on “all the murders he has covered his drug dealer.”

After a few minutes, with Kendall still elusive both Hardy and Osborne, threatening to accuse him of murder as an accessory, he wants no part of it, and Kendall still laugh at them. Hardy suddenly noticed that starts bleeding from the ears, and ask a nurse. While Osborne tries to keep Kendall, suddenly starts vomiting blood and died suddenly. So Download Basic Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.