Anon Full Movie


Original Name: Anon

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.3


Release Date: 2017


Download Anon full movie and it is 2017 Hollywood Sci-Fi film directed by Andrew Niccol. Because no matter which character we connected with the most in this movie (even those that connect with Ryuk), will find an emotional conclusion. I love the idea of Attachment-to-Separation in all movies. It’s where we see any character’s build-up and their fall making us have more emotions towards the character (usually main character). It’s my personal system that I always look for in every movie. Most movies will tend to dwell on one side more than another, and that would leave this scale unbalanced.

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And even the great movies tend to not give enough attachment or separation making us feel mixed in lots of other ways. However, this movie has the ABSOLUTE BEST attachment-to-separation paradox that shall ever be set up. Why is that? Well, because it’s one of the few story lines out there in which the Protagonist is the teenage bad-guy serial-killing, mass murderer and the Antagonist is the teenage good-guy detective, fighting for justice.