An American Tail Full Movie

An American Tail

Original Name: An American Tail

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, History, Music

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.9


Release Date: 21 November 1986


Download An American Tail Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Animation and Comedy film of 1986 which is directed by Don Bluth. Fievel is a young Russian mouse separated from parents on their way to America, a country that they think is without cats. When you arrive in the New World, remains safe, in search of his family, making new friends and running and dodging the cats thought it would get rid of. Don Bluth has already dealt with the obvious objections to his “Journey to America” that is so depressing story could not entertain the kids. He believes that children can handle the tough times for the hero in a film, provided that the film ends happily. The lesson is that we can survive setbacks with determination and courage.

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It may be so, but the hero of “Journey to America”, a young mouse named Fievel made to undergo this kind of problem in this movie that the kids in the audience long before the happy ending despair. Fievel is the youngest member of the family Mousekewitz, who lives in a mousetrap in Moskowitz human family in Russia in the 19th century in a day czar cavalry go through and burned two houses, then takes his family dad Mousekewitz a long journey to the promised land, when she sang “In America there is no cat.” No pogroms, copywriter could add, except that the film does not make clear why the men burned the houses Tsar.

One of the biggest attractions of “Journey to America” is a specifically Jewish experience counts, but not to inform his young audience that the characters are Jews or burning of the house was anti-Semitic. I think it would be a disappointment for the little tykes in the theater, but what I think, while the current version? That house is probably burned at random? This bleak vision of a universe cold and heartless applied to the ship for America, where little Fievel keeps staring barrels of pickled herring with the same joy as a modern son of the mouse can set up Saturday morning show Pee-Wee Herman.

One day explodes a terrible storm, and despite protests frantic parents, small companies Fievel on deck to see flying fish and sucked by the wind. We enter into the central passage through the film, where the lack Mousekewitzes arrive with a broken heart in New York, while small Fievel miraculously deposited in a bottle washed up on the beach. While the family mourn his loss, Fievel he wanders the streets heartless metropolis in search of their parents. But certain crimes that meets smooth and has some exciting adventures before finally reunited with his family in the last reel.

“Journey to America” is the second film (after “The Secret of NIMH”) to be directed by Don Bluth and his team then jumped ship to Disney and began the magic of this Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs rediscover” and “Pinocchio “whose history Fievel is very derivative. Animation of the film is clear and detailed, computer enhanced and improved in a recent animation cutting corner (character shades, for example). But the artistic vision is clearly inspired by the original artists Disney’s Animal humanoid, and where this story? Steven Spielberg, I’m afraid. Spielberg is credited as executive producer for the film, and he was the person who brought the story store Fievel Bluth. Maybe they found some deep desire to tell a parable jew in a movie and I thought it would sweeten the animation is for everyone.

“Journey to America” is like Disney in 1985 “Return to Oz”, which opened with Dorothy strapped to a table in electroconvulsive therapy: It is written by people who want the children to prepare for the worst, I forgot to say that first. Fievel discovered after her bottle washing is that in America, there are cats.

The main character in this animation good feeling spends much of the film trying to find her parents, who were separated during a storm at sea. He encounters many dangers, including drowning and cats monstrous attacks during his trip, journey to America is a wonderfully animated flim to a story all too familiar with it that children can easily understand. Fievel Mousekewitz and his Russian jew family of mice to flee their homeland in 1800, on board a ship bound for America to escape the rule of tsarist Russian cats.

Fievel be former Disney animator Don Bluth co-produced and directed this discussion often poignant, the first animated film by Steven Spielberg, and has its own charm, despite a series of situations cliché can be scary for younger viewers. The director, George P. Cosmatos, who also directed “” Rambo: First Blood Part II ”, use the camera in a compulsive way. In ” First Blood ”, turned on the camera without end and with love Mr. Stallone. In ” The Cobra ”, the focus is on her arms – Colt .45 automatic pistol with a set of ivory handle, with signs of a cobra, hard edge and sharp curved blade of specially used by psychopaths. We see the glint of steel that you will return again and again to knives, axes and daggers. So Download An American Tail Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.