All Eyez on Me Full Movie

All Eyez on Me

Original Name: All Eyez on Me

Genre: Biography, Drama, Music

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 16 June 2017


Download All Eyez on Me full movie and it is 2017 Hollywood Biography film directed by Benny Boom. Tupac Shakur was 25 years old when he died on September 13, 1996. This occurred at the height of his career, which was embroiled in a dangerous East- vs. West-Coast rivalry in the booming hip-hop world. Less than a year later, his East-Coast counterpart, Christopher “Notorious B.I.G” Wallace, was murdered in a similar way.

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Just like the story of Wallace, Shakur’s life is also getting the Hollywood treatment with the biopic movie, All Eyez on Me. Despite dying so young, Shakur’s legacy has lived on in many ways. This biopic movie, which has a June 16, 2017 release date, is proof of Shakur’s importance. In an interview with BigBoyTV on YouTube, the first-time actor revealed that his nickname growing up was “Pac,” due to his striking resemblance to the rapper. This interview, which you can watch in full above, makes it clear that Shipp Jr. really nailed the look and the voice of the late rapper. Seeing and hearing the young actor, the hosts even get a little emotional.

Shipp did happen to have a connection to Shakur already. His father worked with Shakur as a producer, but that wasn’t what got him the role. According to at least one person close to Pac, the host of BigBoyTV, the young actor gave a great performance in the film. We mentioned the B.I.G. biopic, entitled Notorious, earlier. This film is another great example of a newcomer actor taking on such an important role, and impressing all the right people. That actor is Jamal Woolard, and he’s reprising his role as Wallace in All Eyez on Me.