Agent Cody Banks Full Movie

Agent Cody Banks

Original Name: Agent Cody Banks

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.0

Country: ,

Release Date: 14 March 2003


Download Agent Cody Banks Full Movie and it is 2003 Hollywood action, adventure and comedy film directed by Harald Zwart. Cody Banks a student from school for 15 years is a position of a minor for the Central Intelligence Agency, after completing his summer camp for the CIA.

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Answering his manager agent Ronica Miles became Cody was called on a mission to learn a scientist named Dr. Albert Connors found. Connors is employed by an organization SPECTRE boy named Eris led by Dr. Brinkman and his accomplice, François Molay.

Like all CIA agents are known organization Brinkman, used the CIA, the banking sector is not known, standing in high school Dr. Connors’ daughter, Natalie, William Donovan Institute.

Cody soon discovers that have no social skills with the girls and do not have time to do this and have the balance of their duties and obligations. The CIA decided to help make their tasks and duties in an effort to build their state, and go to school in the fall with Natalie. CIA also attended by a team of change “experts” to implement Cody on how to talk to girls, and perform a variety of devices with different features.

Finally, he made a friend of Cody, and falls in love with Natalie after saving her from falling from a ladder while putting a flag, and called his party’s 16th birthday, sent to the laboratory for his father. Cody discovers that Dr. Brinkman has plans to use nanobots – that can destroy a substance made of silicon or carbon – to destroy the defense system in the world, so that everyone could threaten the opposition.

Since the nanobots are inactive in the cold, it plans to use ice cubes for distribution. After Connors, Brinkman and François leaves the lab, Cody tries to steal one of the pieces of ice, but melt when in possession. Soon after, Cody gets into a fight with some bad guys in the party. The fight is skoltidn and Cody CIA cancel the mission.

Simultaneously with Connors refuses to help in his plans, sent Dr. Brinkman and François some men to catch Natalie and bring their base in the Cascade Mountains. Meanwhile obeyed his orders from Cody and Natalie eat ice cream in a restaurant. Cody tries to make things Natalie, but François and a group of men to explain to your table and fight with Cody, was knocked unconscious and Natalie.

Cody leaves the mission, and his parents grounded him to stay out past your curfew. Cody gets his brother Alex to ensure that their parents do not know that he is giving $ 5,000 CIA gave him. Knowing the location of Natalie via a tracking device on a necklace that has given as a birthday gift, breaks Cody to rescue weapons demand CIA and steals a snowboard-powered rockets and other devices Natalie.

Cody gets a ride to the top of the mountain and snowboarding at the factory where Natalie celebrated. Along the way, is trapped in a forest of trees that Ronica find a XFV Trek. After convincing Ronica they need to save Natalie, the couple infiltrates the laboratory and Cody saves Natalie, even the truth about why he was with her to explain.

But the trio caught by men Brinkman, although Cody escapes quickly. Natalie has been held hostage by Dr. Brinkman, an ice cube with a nanobot inside the boiler for its parent application system. Cody is launching a series of explosives and Ronica had planted along the base, and in the struggle that followed, a number of Dr. combat Ronica

Men Brinkman and Dr. Brinkman Natalie Kills place the ice bucket with nanobots in your mouth, making it melts and nano-robots that are eaten from the inside out. Cody after the defeat François and sends it to the CIA with Solo Trek XFV before fleeing the convenience Ronica, Natalie and Dr. Connors before it explodes. Back at CIA headquarters Cody welcome back to the team and congratulated for research.

CIA Director Cody asks if there is anything you need and Cody asks them if they could help Natalie get her license, sheep. Cody and Natalie are now a couple, and the film ends with them to share their first kiss. So Download Agent Cody Banks Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.