Absolute Power Full Movie

Absolute Power

Original Name: Absolute Power

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English, Spanish

IMDB Rating: 6.7


Release Date: 14 February 1997


Download Absolute Power Full Movie and it is 1997 Hollywood action, crime and drama film directed by Clint Eastwood. During a robbery, a master jewel thief Luther Whitney (Clint Eastwood) witnesses Death of Christy Sullivan (Melora Hardin), the beautiful young wife of billionaire Elder Walter Sullivan (EC Marshall), during their meeting in circumstances intoxicated by Alan Richmond (Gene Hackman), US president.

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Walter Sullivan is a friend of Richmond and financial support. Hiding behind a one-way mirror, Luther felt sexually violent Christy Richmond. When she attacks him with a letter opener is intelligence agents Bill Burton (Scott Glenn) and Tim Collin (Dennis Haysbert) header. Chief of Staff Gloria Russell (Judy Davis) arrives and makes the scene look like a thief killed the wife Sullivan. Luther fled with some valuables, as well as the letter opener bloody.

The next day, Detective Seth Frank (Ed Harris) began its investigation the crime. Luther quickly becomes the prime suspect in the theft because of his reputation as a thief, but Frank is considered unlikely that Christy killed. Like Luther is about to leave the country, the president Richmond watching television, public sympathizes Walter in his loss. Outraged this hypocrisy, Luther decides to take the president to justice.

Luther alien daughter Kate (Laura Linney), who works as a prosecutor, accompanied home Detective Frank Luther clues. Photos give home as Luther secretly watching for the coming years. Luther still suspected of the crime, and undertakes to set a trap. Frank ensures the safety of Luther, but learn by listening Burton plan.

The two snipers, without knowing each other, try to shoot Luther when he arrives at a coffee shop to meet his daughter. But both perish, and Luther escaped through the police cordon, as he came prepared, in uniform of a police officer in his coat. Luther says later, Kate Christy died exactly how and by whom.

Luther begins to taunt boss Russell, first send a photo of the opener, cheat her necklace with Christy publicly. Rightly suspect that Kate knows the truth, chooses the president to Richmond killed her. Detective Frank Luther teaches that intelligence surveillance Kate took so driving to Washington DC to protect it.

Collin trying to kill her in the hospital, near her bed with a syringe full of poison. Luther has been waiting for this moment. The Collin shot him in the neck with a syringe with her, forcing them to leave their Collin. Collin begs for mercy, but Luther says that it is “just came out,” deliver a lethal dose.

Luther teaches that Sullivan gave the public no reason Christy stayed at home. The night of the murder, Christy said Walter Richmond said he was sick. He incompetent drivers, replacing Walter, Walter, tell me what happened the night of the murder. Walter is convinced Luther explains Christy Richmond lied about excuse to stay home, that could only have learned of his speech.

Walter says that Luther Richmond has had a history of extramarital affairs and feel betrayed, after all he has done to make sure he won the presidency. Walter Luther sample letter opener that was used for the CEO, blood and fingerprints stabbed in Richmond.

Auto Luther and the hands of the knife, which Walter stops outside the White House. Walter says Luther, who never stopped loving Christy. Walter A trust is able to pass through security with him and enter the Oval Office.

At the same time worried by Luther that their phones tapped, Frank discovers that she has committed suicide Burton remorse. Frank used to stop the test Russell Burton left. In television news, is terrible news, “confirmed” by Walter, that the president has committed suicide by stabbing to death. Luther was happy to know that Walter is justice after all. So Download Absolute Power Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.