A Star Is Born 1976 Full Movie

A Star Is Born 1976

Original Name: A Star Is Born 1976

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 17 December 1976


Download A Star Is Born 1976 Full Movie and it is Hollywood Drama film directed by Frank Pierson. While the properties Anderson population works mini-crisis that has found salvation, is another crisis brewing outside its doors: a meeting with the leaders of the army of a band called Street Thunder is “Cholo explained” the Los Angeles Police Department and the citizens of the town who a result of a raid last police that led to the death Some members of the band. When a random attack in the ice cream truck leads to the death of his daughter, named a man Lawson (Martin West) and he came to the band and then to Anderson Park.

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Now, I shut up only sentenced to minimum crew of staff and prisoners sentenced to death, Lieutenant Bishop fend off waves of street gangs to survive thunderstorms. What to say about this movie? First, the great pace. A slow start, and then I was completely surprised when the work begins. I’m not too worried about spoilers because the film almost forty years, so I will speak openly about the film one of the most shocking and surprising: Slide daughter Lawson. There are certain things that just do not happen in the movies, seeing the child knocked off street gangs while eating ice cream is one of them.

It is a terrible scene so quickly simply shocked by the brutality of this happening. Not only pave the way for the rest of the film, but it helps Thunder Road, not to describe a group of individuals, but as a swarm of collective evil. Unlike many groups of the film (with the exception of the Warriors), Thunder Road achieved any race or age, but almost supernatural meeting of its inhabitants are apparently more difficult and violent. The way in which the belt moves more like a bunch of zombies who usually how the band in 1970 and 1980 and squadrons, and the movie (I think Death Wish III).

In fact, there are many elements in this film that reminds me of Night of the Living Dead by George Romero. First, they share the premise of a group of individuals caught in a location overlooking the crowd threatens unexplained. At the beginning of the film as Lt. Bishop gets in his car patrol, although a short section of I heard on the radio talking about the mysterious phenomenon that occurs. It is not much different from radio news and heard the night of the living dead. Second, I do not think it’s a coincidence that the team bishop man of color, the son of Duane Jones.

By the time the two films, and it’s definitely not the standard of the film as a black man describe as an authority figure and voice of reason, so it was probably both managers and then says something about the recognition of our common humanity, despite racial and ethnic boundaries facing the real human opponent. Thirdly, both tables have a sign of panic and paralyzed inciting a lot of conflict – both violent crowd Barbara Judith O’Dea and Martin Lawson Bank leads a group of survivors trapped – and then do nothing while they are often protected by other characters. So Download A Star Is Born 1976 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.