47 Ronin 2013 Full Movie

47 Ronin 2013

Original Name: 47 Ronin 2013

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Movies

Language: English, Japanese

IMDB Rating: 6.3


Release Date: 25 December 2013


Download 47 Ronin 2013 Full Movie and it is Hollywood action, adventure and animation film directed by Carl Rinsch. After a perfidious military leader murders their chief and relegates their sort, 47 Ronin leaderless warrior consecrate to look for payback and fix respect to their persons. Repelled from their households plus disseminated throughout the country, this circle of Ronin should look for the assistant of Kai -a half-bred they formerly refused-when they.

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It is good that we ended the box office in 2013, one in which the box office abroad was more important than ever, with massively expensive blockbuster hoping that seems destined to play a lot better banks outside the United States. Trust Universal Carl Rinsch a new director, with this luxurious renewal period piece by a famous Japanese legend and then watched as reshoots and delays due to budget shoot somewhere between $ 175 million and $ 225 million.

The good news is that Keanu Reeves was a group of reliability constant action movies on a large scale. The bad news is that it has led to a major release of the studio 20th Century Fox’s The Day the Earth in 2008, before 2005. The other bad news is that the height of Reeves was a period that was considered expensive $ 100,000. 000 and $ 200 million worldwide has been an undisputed success. From the Matrix trilogy, is the great speed Reeves rude world 350 million.

So, for a draw, 47 Ronin must do more than the second-largest crude Reeves, The Matrix, which earned $ 463 million in 1999. 47 Ronin is a classic case of having to break records in principle to cover costs. Chances are desolate, especially with fuel film more or less in Japan with $ 2.8 million after two weekends. I do not do bad omen, but it will be a miracle if this film clearly measure flavored Oriental doing a lot of business in America, with a strong business abroad still basically a thing.

“47 Ronin” is the kind of film that fascinates me every time I have. Based on my understanding of the film, my very limited knowledge of Japanese culture and what I saw in the products listed in Blu-ray, had a lot of warning signs on the road. The film is not a good movie, but it is terrible to see. The story of how it was made, is not exactly a page turner, either. But the mere existence of the picture a little ‘surprising that the film is its own worst enemy.

The story tells the legend of the Japanese respekte 47 Ronin, after losing his master and deported and banned for revenge, going after his master and even killed. In the film, Reeves plays Kai, a mongrel that mysterious childhood and was raised by samurai in a village. Grows fall for Mika, the daughter of the village chief. But a rival leader Lord Kir come to the city through the eyes of Micah, and manipulates the situation of the accident Asano and control.

Kai exile Samurai Asano, forbidden to take revenge for what they knew was a calculated attack. Using his knowledge of history and magic, helping Kai deck 47 Ronin coincides Lord Kira, and the witch warrior helps.So Download 47 Ronin Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.