24 2016 Full Movie

24 2016

Original Name: 24

Genre: Action, Romance, Sci-Fi

Language: Tamil

IMDB Rating: 8.2


Release Date: 6 May 2016


Download 24 2016 Full Movie and it is Bollywood Action film directed by Vikram K. Kumar. The time travel is always a fantastic view of the unlimited imagination Kumar service has the thorough job in showing this fantasy in his fifth 24 films. Most Hollywood movies released under the science fiction category in the garbage that people logic applied so let’s get out of logic to make this time in the southern Indian imagination. Surveys always there is a convergence of the science fiction film seems evident in their participation in such films as disappointing 7aum Arrive dimensional teardrop and mass plays three different roles in ’24 that sheet liabilities. It was Athena is revealing unexplored in this actor dimension that would be described as a hero on the point of a romantic.

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A scene from the movie Omar Laboratory in a bungalow located in the forest revealed by opening gives and the idea of excellence and film IT managers the ability to visualize the optical elements. The film will be involved from the beginning when the world called Dream Job 00:01 over strong scientific time, which makes it possible for people to break with the concept of time and makes it possible for them to travel between the past and the future. Before he was killed by his brother Seth was able to save his son and Time Machine while Athena himself seriously injured. The film 26 years ago, where the child has become child labor Seth us hands Surreys the young time attractive machine that came along with Manny links Athena’s is now square useless Mains watch repair shop. Wasting any time runs unbearably some random events square film time machine Seth us open slept all these years. Then the film plays with the concept of time and experiments with this device hands 24-hour deadline enthusiasm of the child. The film takes the pace of new arrival atria. Many of the 24 events occur mainly because of accidents and coincidences but have the advantage of Vicar Kumar, were surrendered voluntarily scenes in this novel and fun but definitely the longest continuously movie magic or make us happy with the versatility. The film begins with the incident in which an eagle is a catalyst for the invention of the time machine Surreys. It is the inventor of the famous watchmaker to be satisfied with his wife and her son. But his twin brother seems atria damage in your success and plans to have a time machine in the form of the same watch.