14 Blades Full Movie

14 Blades

Original Name: Jin yi wei

Genre: Action, Drama, History

Language: Mandarin

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Country: , ,

Release Date: 22 August 2014


Download 14 Blades Full Movie and it is 2010 Hollywood Action film directed by Daniel Lee. During the late Ming Dynasty, the imperial court has been plagued by corruption and the ruling Emperor is incompetent. The secret police are the government Jinyiwei, trained in combating illegal vicious childhood strongest martial artist produces. The Jinyiwei responsible for implementing the mission to ensure peace and stability in the empire. They have the power to prosecute anyone considered an enemy of the state and who devote their lives and lethal skills, where only the emperor. A commander, Qinglong, was known for his strength and gave him to help interrogate and kill a mechanical box with 14 blades. Jia Jingzhong, the eunuch real, tracks revolt by his uncle Emperor, Prince Qing (Sammo Hung), which was banned and legs cut off for a failed uprising many years earlier. Jia Jingzhong order Qinglong (Donnie Yen), to get a firm grip on the imperial advisor Shenyang Zhao, who is accused of plotting a rebellion; Qinglong said that the box contains evidence of treason against the alderman.

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But Qinglong soon discover that it was used as a hidden box with the imperial seal, a symbol of the authority of the Emperor Jia Jingzhong to legitimize the authority of Prince Qing, when the uprising began. Qinglong was betrayed and killed by his companions Jinyiwei its agents most trusted by his brother in arms, Xuan Wu; To himself that he is a refugee Qinglong when Jingzhong complaints Jia him as a traitor and orders his arrest. Qinglong escape, but only after hurting. Can leave the city limits, you will find a way to escort agency in the absence of justice (former armed escorts for protection). The company is in debt and can no longer sustain its services and Qinglong seems to have decided to close the business. Owner eagerly accept the offer of Qinglong pay handsomely for safe passage and decides to take the mission hopes to revive its business.

Coincidentally, the daughter of the escort is, Qiao Hua (Zhao Wei) has proposed and escort agency Qinglong hidden inside the car marriage as a way to avoid detection by the guards so that you can leave the city. When you recover Qinglong, develops Hua Qiao a fascination for it. Things become difficult when another group of Jinyiwei looking Qinglong. But enough to kill retrieve his pursuers, but then revealed his guards that he possesses the Jinyiwei. Fearing more trouble than expected, the owner offered to be submitted only to return the money Qinglong and asks his team; Qinglong is determined to do his duty and hostage Hua Qiao. He orders his father to his pursuers spread false information about his whereabouts and the smell along with her daughter to come back in one piece, if he does not. Qinglong is determined to fulfill his duty to the Emperor and the continuing search for evidence of the plot Prince Qing, while undermining the activities of the prince. Meanwhile know Qiao Hau Qinglong better and realized, despite doubts about their actions and obsessive revenge, develops feelings for him, but he kept a cool distance to prevent abuse.

The couple comes to town Uighur Yanmen where Qinglong should gather information and quickly discovered that his enemies are planning to sell three counties to achieve large funds for their cause. At the same time explores Qinglong betrayal and plan your next move, the duo the sky Eagles Gang, a group of bandits led by self-proclaimed “Desert judges”. The leader is a strong fighter and want to test the resistance of Qinglong; the two will end up being fairly matched some challenges. After a draw proposes Qinglong an alliance to attack the outpost Yanmen: the band will have its full cut of the loot, while Qinglong will achieve your personal goals. As Qinglong his henchmen Jingzhong Jia and his former teammates Jinyiwei who adopted daughter of Prince Qing Tou-Tou, highly trained warrior. Before the raid was carried out, was Jia Jingzhong betrayed and killed by Xuan Wu, who plan to serve directly under Prince Qing.

Eagles and air Qinglong gang has successfully attacked the outpost and killed most of the soldiers. Xuan Wu Qinglong faces, but was not strong enough Xuan Xuan; He escaped by throwing the seal, which forced the resignation of Qinglong race for the seal. Gold was for the purchase of the three provinces that are taken by a court in the desert, which is still confused as to why none of Qinglong will; Qinglong are more than satisfied with the restoration of the royal seal. Qinglong back to his horse and found that Tou-Tou Hua Qiao had kidnapped and requires the trailing edge towards the issue. Hua Qiao was doubt Qinglong make trade, with regard to their behavior sometimes cold for her and his dedication to his mission; She is surprised and touched when Qinglong leave the seal to make the exchange. But also makes it clear that he plans to take her boyfriend Hua Qiao. Some time later, both Wolfgang sky Aquila and justice escort realized the true purpose of Qinglong was to stop the rebellion of Prince Qing. Sensing the extent of the death and suffering that can cause both groups decided to Qinglong. All parties will meet in the battle of the old ruined Wolves Sky City.

Qinglong and men in the Bureau set up an elaborate trap in which the enemy troops firing cheat on each other and halved his forces to crush stones. Although some people lose, Qinglong and its allies won. Xuan Wu was one of the reports and Xuan play on guilt and grace of execution Qinglong escape. Because the weather was Qinglong, Xuan Wu Qinglong tried to kill him and forced to kill a man once considered a brother. In another battle, dressed as Qinglong Hua Qiao Tou-Tou to distract him from participating and their allies, but have no training in martial arts and was about to be killed. Desert judge intervenes and dueled Tuo Tuo, but was mortally wounded while saving Hua Qiao a street attack. After defeating the Jinyiwei and its allies, giving Qinglong the imperial seal Hua Qiao and instructed to lead authorities to warn them of conspiracy Prince Qing. Hua Qiao Qinglong said that the offer of marriage, suggesting that want Qinglong, but he believes are likely to die, but he says it will be again as the bell rings bracelets that meeting he had earlier given after kidnapping Home. The two embraced and Qinglong Hua Qiao asked him to wait for before the Tou-Tou.

In an abandoned temple, Qinglong Tou-Tou faces in a duel to the death, and are equal. Your flash point and whip sword proved to be a challenge. Not willing to let her out of the temple, was Qinglong Tou-Tou. In a suicidal move, he continued to beat his dialogue with four sheets of gold, both for Tou-Tou and dead; two knives mortally wounded and killed both fighters.

Later rebellion Prince Qing failed. He grieves the death of Tou-Tou and brought them to trial for criminal conspiracy. Hua Qiao father dies and she inherits justice escort; Now he dressed like Qinglong used. With the money he earned, the company is able to prosper and Hua Qiao promised his agency implementing legislation father. During his travels, often diverges along the deserted streets to remember your adventures with Qinglong and in the raid, while looking through the desert with his telescope and rang the doorbell, she sees a man in tears “as in Qinglong distance. So Download 14 Blades Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.